In order to understand what one must do during a power outage; we would like to begin this article by raising some common questions that most of us ask-

  • How long is the power outage going to last?
  • What food should I stock up on during the outage?
  • Will the Generator be able to help me for the entire length of the outage?
  • Should I leave the house and get help from somewhere?
  • What are some essentials that I need to help my family get through the power outage?

Whenever there is a power outage, we invariably end up asking ourselves the above-mentioned questions. If you have been following the news, the United States and especially the State of Texas is experiencing very bad weather leading to huge power outages.

With the authorities working around the clock to fix things, here are some important things you need to do during a power outage.

Creating an Emergency Kit for Power Outage Situations

The American Red Cross society has prepared a toolkit to help improve the preparedness levels of individuals and families for power outages. This holds true for almost all regions in the world that are likely to face power outages.

Let us now list down some of the important elements of the emergency kit for power outages-

  1. Drinking-Water-

Experts suggest that there should be one gallon of water available for each person for one single day. They also suggest that this amount should be at least for a period of two weeks. If things do not improve, you need an evacuation plan that should include three gallons of water.

  1. Non-Perishable Food Items-

Individuals and families should stock up on non-perishable food items that do not need pre-heating in a microwave or a gas stove. This means a two-week supply of packaged food that can easily be prepared, consumed, and disposed of in the house itself.

  1. Flash Lights and Batteries-

It is important that each member of the house has one flashlight for themselves. This will them be mobile whenever they need to use the washroom or other areas in the house. It is also important to stock up on the batteries for the flashlight so that you do not run out of them.

  1. Medical Supplies and First-Aid Kits-

If you are facing power outages because of weather conditions, it is best that you stock on medical supplies for everyday use. You do not want to be going out in the bad weather and just seeing closed shutters on medical stores. Preparing a first aid kit is also equally important.

  1. Copies of Official and Personal Documents-

It is important to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. This is because big power outages are caused by natural disasters. In some cases, the government prepares an evacuation plan. This is why you need to keep copies of all your personal and official documents readily available.

How to Handle Family Members including Children and the Elderly during a Power Outage?

When it comes to power outages, the kids and children are the ones that are most affected. The uncertainty, coupled with no lights and power starts making them feel scared. Parents and other elderly members of the house need to ensure that they are well looked after and all their needs are being met.

In order to ensure that this happens, experts have created certain guidelines to help individuals and families handle power outages better-

  • Adult members of the family should ensure that they are not arguing or fighting among themselves during the power outage.
  • As lighting is at a minimum, it is important to keep the elderly members of the family in a safe manner. Accompanying them to the washroom is a good idea.
  • It is important to keep telling children who are feeling scared or fearful that things will become better in some time. Telling them stories to distract them is also great.
  • Don’t allow children and elderly family members to go near generators or power points in the house. Power outages can result in drastic voltage fluctuation levels.
  • Playing games during the power outage and generally having light-hearted conversations can help in passing the time in a casual and happy manner.

The Bottom Line

It is important that adult family members in the house do not start showing signs of panic or fear. Doing the things mentioned in the article can ensure that you do not face a lot of issues or problems when it comes to power outages. These situations can be quite unbearable, to say the least. However, if you are well-prepared you will be easily able to sail through them safely with your family members.