Solar Battery Brisbane

Store Energy with Our Solar Battery Storage in Brisbane

Jack Cliff Electrical specialises in solar battery solutions in Brisbane. We work with commercial and residential clients to help them take control of their solar energy. Jack Cliff Electrical has been in the industry for over ten years and has helped many businesses and homeowners shift to solar power. We pride ourselves on being among Brisbane’s most reputable solar power providers. Our family-style approach ensures our clients are properly educated about investing in solar and battery systems so they can make the proper decision for their circumstances.

Our workmanship is of the highest quality and guarantees absolute customer satisfaction. We are CEC-accredited installers and designers with the knowledge and expertise to design the most suitable system to meet your requirements. So, do not hesitate to call our team to help with your solar needs.

Make the Most Out of Your Solar with Our Solar Battery Storage in Brisbane

Our solar battery helps Brisbane residents take control of their energy. Battery storage allows you to store electrical energy produced by your solar panels for a later time. You can use the stored energy when there is no sunshine, for example, at night. Businesses and homeowners also use battery storage as backup electricity when the primary electricity grid is unavailable. Battery storage also helps you reduce your net cost by offsetting electricity use. The best thing is that you can install a battery system simultaneously with a solar power system or retrofit it to an existing one.

Most people avoid installing solar power, fearing it will cost them a fortune. However, cost is not the primary driver of installing a solar and battery system. It is all about power security and not being reliant on power companies. The initial cost may be high, but solar power is cost-effective in the long term.

Solar Battery Brisbane
Solar Battery Brisbane

Contacting Our Solar Battery Specialists in Brisbane

Solar panels in Brisbane should always come with a battery for optimal savings. A solar battery system will allow you to say goodbye to blackouts, rising electricity prices, and hidden fees. You can also redirect the stored power back to the grid to enjoy better returns.

Our team has been in the industry for many years and can help you choose the solar or battery systems that will meet your needs. Our quick response is a source of trust among our customers. We are always ready to drive out to assist you whenever you call us. Additionally, we work with all clients, whether you have a small commercial establishment, live in a remote area, or want a residential battery storage system. Our team will employ a strategic consultative approach by conducting customer needs-based analysis to design the right system. You can trust that we will create a high-performing battery system that saves money from the first day.

Please talk to our experts today if you want a solar battery in Brisbane.


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We also design & install custom solar solutions

When it comes to solar installations, we recognise that each customer has very different requirements and budgets. We design custom solar installations that are specifically geared perfectly for your home or business.


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