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Jack Cliff Electrical, an astounding name for solar panel quality and design! Our team of Gold Coast based electricians brings signature craftsmanship and an integrated approach to each project. With years of experience, Jack Cliff Electrical aims to provide the best solution for your solar needs! We strive to educate communities and simplify processes to create practical and durable home solar solutions.

Having years of experience with commercial solar installation and working on Australian homes to provide the best solar power solutions, we are proud to set the industry standards to ensure we bring the best to our customers. Our range of services includes providing electrical and solar services to both residential and commercial areas.

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Constantly increasing energy cost is a major challenge for many businesses today. At Jack Cliff Electrical, we strive to provide cost-effective, innovative and efficient energy solutions that help to reduce consumption cost alongside ensuring a green environment!

We’re passionate about solar, so we can help with solar installations or upgrades, as well as ongoing solar maintenance, checks and reports to ensure your solar power system remains safe, efficient and under warranty.

Jack Cliff Electrical Solar Solutions

If we talk about the solar potential in Queensland, it is leading the nation in the uptake of new solar panels, with low-carbon emitting energy technologies. With around 2,800 hours of sunshine annually, Queensland’s subtropical climate makes for a perfect location for homeowners and businesses to invest in solar panels.

240+ days of sunshine

The Gold Coast continues to set national records for its scorching temperatures. Rooftops here receive on average 240+ days of sunshine each year meaning it's never been a greater city to capitalise on the investment in solar. With the correct plan in place and the right solar panels & battery system, you'll be in a perfect position to maximise your ROI.

QLD leads the solar charge!

It’s no secret why QLD is known as the sunshine state. The amount of daylight that rooftops receive presents the perfect climate to maximise your ROI. Furthermore, the expansion of renewable energy in Queensland is supported by the state government, which is targeting to bring 50% of the state’s energy coming from renewable sources by 2030.

Unpredictable energy grid

Australia's energy grid has a shocking history. Heatwaves bring the nations energy grid to breaking point with only just last year it reaching tipping point resulting in the collapse and state-wide power outages for days. Never has the solar industry seen a bigger spike in uptake as homeowners seek to make their energy supply redundant with the use of solar.

Solar power has evidently become a rising trend in renewable energy, but many people still fail to realize the importance solar power. Take a look at the most compelling reasons to install solar panels today.

Government battery rebate

The battery rebates provided by the government tend to reduce the upfront cost of solar power systems. For instance, If you want a 6.6kW system, then you can get approx $3,861 off the total cost of the system in subsidies (The ‘rebate’ is worth roughly $585 per kW, so 6.6kW x $585 = $3,861).

Investing smartly!

Solar electricity boosts your electricity independence! By investing in a domestic sized 4kW solar system, you can easily protect yourself against unpredictable increases in utility prices, enjoy cheap electricity throughout the day and generate long term savings.

Environmentally sustainable

Installing solar power may be a one-time investment, but it keeps giving you returns throughout its life span. It enables you to incur fewer costs, your business profits or your home profits and so does the environment thanks to its 0% emissions into the atmosphere.

Installing a renewable energy solution or system is a complex process demanding large investment! The home or business owners have to invest a considerable amount of time to get the best deal and ensure all components of network application; system installation streamlined to deliver the best outcome of the solar panels.

Evaluating your needs

This step involves evaluating the exact solar system equipment that will be required in your array. Our solar consultant will explain the major components you must know about, and advise you on why each part matters.

Home assessment

Our solar consultants begin by assessing your home for determining the right solar system size you’ll need, the type, structural integrity, surface space, angle and orientation of your roof, and the amount of sunlight that will hit your panels.

Approval & Paperwork

When investing in solar, you’ll likely have to file local paperwork and get approvals for installation. At Jack Cliff Electrical, we take care of the necessary documentation and authorizations you shall need early in the process.

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How we design your solar system

Customised to your needs

Jack Cliff Electrical is a name for quality and efficiency! These authorizations let you take complete benefit of your new solar system while keeping with local laws, building codes, and the utility grid.

Quality: At Jack Cliff Electrical, 100% customer satisfaction is paramount. This is our major motivation for creating solar panel designs that are durable, scalable and long-lasting for over 40 years. We bring together expert craftsmanship, quality parts, solid installation, and innovative designs to ensure our clients attain the best return on investment through ongoing savings in terms of almost nil electricity bills.

Innovation & Affordability: Our hardworking team is always behind its work to provide ongoing support; this is why our systems come with a warranty. Our ongoing system innovation has proved to be cost-effective, which in turn makes our products affordable for a large customer base.

What makes us the trusted solar installers?

Our prompt response is the source of trust among our clients. Unlike other electrical companies, we are ever ready to drive out to assist our valued customers. We service remote areas all around the Gold Coast, and it’s our honour to be able to help you when you need us!

We already have a great reputation among many commercial establishments here in Queensland! We offer professional and personal services to assist your household, company or hotel. Whether you are a small or large establishment, we are more than happy to assist you with anything you need!

The foundations of our experience

We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. With over 10 years of experience, you know you are getting the best quality work when Jack Cliff Electrical is there to serve!

By raising the bar with each of our projects, we aim to educate homeowners that smart investment is paramount to clean and efficient use of energy. A great investment made today can save millions in future!

We employ a strategic consultative approach by conducting customers’ needs-based analysis to mutually design the right system for homeowners & businesses to create a high performing system that saves money from day one!

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How to know if you should trust them?

To pick the right provider for solar panel systems, you must pick the supplier who ensures:

✓ You are saving: Installing solar power systems in your home is cheaper and has a lot more benefits.
✓ Protecting the environment: Solar power systems protect the environment, which enables you and your family to live in a healthier and safer environment.
✓ Prompt problem solving backed by-product research and industry experience.
✓ Increasing your property value & low maintenance cost.

How clearly can they explain problems or solutions?

Most solar contractors do not specialise in electricity. However, Jack Cliff Electrical is your single point of contact for all solar energy systems installation: with a highly skilled team of professionally licenced electricians, expert craftsman and installation specialists, we have set the industry standards for quality & design.

To help the community, we also strive to restore and preserve our planet. Our customer service and after service is second to none.

What to look for when hiring the right solar expert?

Going solar is a big decision entailing a number of things that you might need to consider before making the leap.

Doing your due diligence is necessary to get the most out of your solar system, and one thing that you need to be sure of is how reputable your installation company is. If your consultant installs the solar system incorrectly the first time, you are likely to pay for having the system completely removed, and any damage repaired, prior to incurring the cost of an entirely new install.

To make sure you’re choosing the right person, consider these prerequisites; how long your solar company has been in business, check if they are certified and if they have valid proof, check if the solar installer is licensed and insured, check if your solar installer knows the electrical codes of your area.

Having your solar system designed and installed by CEC accredited installers and designers with knowledge and experience to design the most suitable system to meet individual clients needs, expectations and ensuring the longevity of your system & investment.

Why is now the perfect time to invest in Solar Panels?

With electricity costs increasing by the day, a large number of commercial businesses have been aiming to run leaner. With solar, you can too – and now is the perfect time to install and invest in solar panels.

With the rising trend in electricity costs and a decreasing trend in the cost of solar systems, solar power has become an efficient and cost-effective energy alternative for businesses.

After the larger corporations, many small and medium-sized companies are now actively investigating the actual process of how impactful solar energy can be on their bottom line. Considering that the Gold Coast is one of the major national hubs for innovation and environmental sustainability, and it receives 242 sunny days on average, companies investing in solar are able to find an ideal condition to harness the latest solar energy systems.

As one of the leading solar companies in Australia, we believe in a world that shall be powered using solar energy. Financially we also provide guidance regarding the maze of government grants, rebates and incentives, to ensure the package results to be most economical and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a question which you can’t find an answer to? Contact our friendly team at Jack Cliff Electrical below and a member of our team will happily answer any questions you might have.

We aim to support our local community with all electrical projects big or small!

How long will it take for my solar system to pay for itself?

There are many things to consider when designing a solar system. Shade, orientation, daytime power usage etc. Typically our residential solar systems see a return on investment within 5 years and our commercial solar systems can see a return on investment between 3-4 years after they’re installed. All of our solar systems are designed by our CEC accredited and licensed solar design team to ensure peace of mind and a quality solar system that meets clients’ needs and expectations.

How often should I check my solar system?

The CEC recommendation is for a solar system to be checked every 12 months. This is due to changes in regulations, recalled equipment including rooftop isolators and regular checking for any issues or degradation in materials. We conduct a comprehensive 7 point check of a solar system to ensure full compliance and complete a full report with any recommendations.

What should I consider when looking into solar?

Size, efficiency, durability and warranty are some of the major factors to keep in mind when looking into solar panels. One must buy solar panels from a trusted supplier that has both expertise and extensive industry experience in the field.

Other than that, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while investing in a new solar power system:

  • Length of the manufacturer’s warranty – You need to ensure that you’re choosing a reputable manufacturer and the warranty period on your panels is substantially around 25 years. Your solar system must last long enough to pay for itself and make you a profit.
  • Solar Panel Certifications – The certification on your solar panels indicates the type of testing they have undergone, and ensures if they meet their advertised specifications.
  • Choosing a trusted solar panel installer – While going solar, the biggest leap is selecting the right installer for doing the business. Make sure you choose someone who examines your roof and mounting conditions thoroughly.
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