10 Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panel in Gold Coast

There is always a lot to do with solar electricity, but you can find out who speaks “reality” and who only sells it if you do your homework. Before going solar, there are 10 things to consider here, so you don’t get disappointed.

#1 Make Sure You Understand Your Consumption Rate

There are various “demand rates” of use in most regions, and each has a distinct cost calculation method. For example, peak energy consumption is higher than off-peak energy use. 

Some demand rates are quite high when you require the most energy and will probably cost you more. But since solar means, you can save more with solar and receive a greater return on investment.

#2 Is It Worth Spending Money On Solar Batteries?

You should not consider batteries unless you build an independent house or property in a location where the grid connection is not feasible. If you think you remain “on the grid,” you will get electricity on the grid at night, exactly as today.

It’s probably more essential that the grid-connected solar panel system may offer you far better and quicker ROI for your investment and gets your project done at a cheaper cost than the battery solution (until battery prices go down in future).

#3 Know How Much Energy Your Home Uses Each Month

Generally, a growing family will increase energy requirements. Still, if you are childless or have college children about to leave the nest, you may anticipate your energy bills from the grid to decrease and to remain down. 

You may also make some energy-efficient modifications in your houses, such as substituting light bulbs with LEDs and replacing outdated equipment (fridge, washing machine, etc.) for energy-efficient machines or making other energy-saving adjustments and upgrades that may reduce your expenses further. Request the local installer to provide a free solar evaluation to determine your solar power system’s use and size properly.

#4 North Facing Roof Area? No.

Ideally, solar systems should be on your roof northeast or northwest. The orientation of solar panels may be crucial for creating excellent output, but it is not as essential as you may believe (or salespeople may insist). 

It will also work to position the panels towards east or west and also provide good results, even south-east and south-west.

#5 Do I Need Council Approval? 

No, you do not need to get permission to put solar panels on your roof unless you are modifying a historic property; however, if you reside in strata run home, it is recommended to receive clearance from strata management. If you install the panels on the tilt brackets, SA properties need council permission for solar.

#6 Ensure Your Investment In Solar Energy

After installation, you may need to call your home insurance provider to modify your coverage with freshly installed solar panels. You may need to pay a little more for solar panels in your policy, but it is essential to safeguard your system from fires or other damage.

#7 Determine Your Solar Panel Warranties

Solar installers provide many kinds of warranties nowadays, but researching warranties may protect you from future deceptions.

Solar system guarantees that are usually provided as follow:

  • Performance guarantee of the panel – 25 years
  • Manufacturer’s panel guarantee – 10 to 15 years
  • Manufacturer warranty string inverter – 5 to 10 years
  • Guarantee for the microinverter manufacturer – 12 to 25 years

#8 How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels have no moving components and draw no wear and tear. A solar panel generally lasts for 30 years or more and yearly loses half a percent (0.5%) of conversion efficiency. 

Little maintenance like hosting the panels several times a year and keeping obstructions away from solar panels can provide consistent output.

#9 Will Solar Panels Ruin My Roof?

Great question! Solar panels are now placed in specialized solar installation kits for a day. 

This roof mounting kit is provided to guarantee that solar panels are firmly installed on the roof without harming the existing infrastructure. An additional benefit of utilizing these kits is that you may discover that your room(s) may stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter, right beneath the panel. 

Always choose the appropriate installer like Jack Cliff Electrical, who always fulfils client satisfaction by guaranteeing that the work is done properly.

#10 The Cost Of The Installation Depends On The Kind Of Roof You Have

Installing solar panels atop terracotta tiles would certainly be more expensive than just interlocking the tiles roofs. Terracotta is far more fragile than any other kind of tile. 

Therefore extra time-consuming attention is required for full and thorough screening of any connection points piercing the roof.

Talk to our solar specialists before you start installing a solar panel. You will be able to discover that the price is comparable. We aim to provide the greatest outcomes for our customers instead of just selling a solar panel installation.

If you have read all the information above, it would be extremely simple to take the following step to choose the best way to build a solar system for your house.