10 Tips To Help You Reduce Your Electricity Costs By Up To 50%

Going green to save some green; sounds about right, doesn’t it?

In recent years, homeowners the world over have been struggling with rising electricity costs. In Australia, monthly utilities are the second-highest source of family expenditure after the mortgage payment for the home.

We indeed love using electricity. It is truer that we hate having to end up paying for it. At a time when every facet of our life has become defined by electricity use, it is high time we look for ways to save a few bucks.

In this article, we look at the top ten tips to help you reduce your electricity costs by over 50%!

Before we begin, let us highlight how this is not a one-size-fits-all saving guide. Instead, it is a process that will be individual for every home.

Things to Consider when looking at Ways to Reduce your Electricity Costs

According to the Australian government, the energy situation and requirement in each house is different. Representatives from the Energy Ministry state that homeowners should start with something rather simple- looking at and analysing how much energy their home consumes in one single day.

Some of the important things that need to be considered when looking to reduce electricity costs are-

  • The overall size or dimensions of your home. This should also include all the home features, including electric-powered garage doors, smart set-up, and other instruments that use electricity.
  • The kind of appliances that a home uses on an everyday basis. This includes everything from your toaster to the lawnmower. In addition to the number of appliances, you need to check for the level of energy consumption that they have.
  • Understanding the lifestyle and kind of living facilities that your home and its inhabitants enjoy. This also means what are the different periods of the day when the most or the least power is being consumed.
  • The energy provider or supplier company also matters. As we Australians know, there are unit-wise differences in terms of which power company we choose to go for. Comparing the power costs and also looking at service essentials is important.
  • How efficiently you use the electrical equipment in your home needs to be taken into consideration. Do you leave appliances on even after you use them, is one such area you need to look at?

List of 10 Tips to help you Reduce your Electricity Costs by over 50%

Let us now look at the ten tips that can come in handy if you are looking to reduce your electricity costs.

  1. Go for Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions-

The first thing you can do to bring down the costs is to change the lighting equipment in your household. By opting for an all-LED set-up, you will not only reduce power costs but have lighting that is going to last for a longer period. The bulbs will last longer, are much cheaper, and dispense greater illumination as compared with normal bulbs and lights.

  1. Consider Solar Energy-

Contrary to the popular perception that solar energy is expensive, the reverse holds. In other words, in recent years, solar energy has become very affordable thanks to many new companies creating solar infrastructure like panels, inverters, and energy storage solutions. All you need to do is look for a company with experience in the field and start going solar.

  1. Stop Phantom Appliances from costing you-

Did you know that even when your toaster is not getting used, it is still using electricity? This phenomenon is known as phantom energy sources. Energy experts suggest that it is best to switch off and unplug devices like toasters, chargers, televisions, microwaves, and dishwashers when they are not being used. This will help you save hundreds of dollars every month.

  1. Draw the Curtains whenever you are using an Air Conditioner-

While most of us tend to close the doors and windows whenever we use an air conditioner, we forget about the curtains. Glass or any other material that lines your windows can absorb heat and temperature and make the indoors warm. This can force the air con to work harder and drains more electricity in the process. Drawing the curtains prevents extra use of the electricity.

  1. Invest in Proper Insulation of your Home-

Do you know why some homes do not get that hot during the summers and extremely cold during winters? The reason is simple- the home has great insulation. Check up with experts to figure out how you can make your homes insulated. This can mostly be done using materials and ensuring that there are adequate ventilation and air movement within the house.

  1. Carefully examine the Energy Setting of the Appliances-

There are truckloads of information mentioned on appliances. If you read the guide or the warranty card, the company mentions the best way for you to save on energy. Using specific types of electrical wires, plugging the appliance into a particular socket field, and adjusting the setting of the appliances can go a long way in reducing the electricity consumption costs.

  1. Be Aware of your Electricity Consumption by Installing Smart Monitoring Systems-

How are you going to deal with the problem if you don’t know whether the problem exists in the first place or not? In recent years, several homeowners in Australia are installing smart monitoring meters in their homes to understand their levels of energy consumption. This is helping them understand the costs and identify what is draining them the most.

  1. Working with a Credible Electrical Company-

If you are smart enough, your first inclination would be to get in touch with an expert electrical company and ask them to do an energy audit of your home. Following this, they will come up with their easy solutions for optimising electricity costs. This is a simple, easy and efficient way to understand where you are going wrong and what you can do.

  1. Look at Smart Technologies that can help keep a check on electricity costs-

Imagine you left for a week-long vacation and your children forgot to turn off the air con in their rooms! Can something help you avoid such issues from happening (they will happen since we are human beings who are prone to making mistakes)? Smart home solutions detect when you are not at home and cut off the power to the appliances. This helps save massively.

  1. Plant more trees in and around your home-

Going green by planting trees is simple and yet there are so few of us doing it. If you have a solid shade being by a tree overlooking your home, you will see that you are prevented from getting the direct rays of the sun. This can be done especially on the western side of your house to keep the sun out during the hottest summer months.

The Final Word

By following all the above-mentioned tips in the article, you will be able to reduce your electricity costs by over 50%. If you wish to know more about saving energy costs or going for solar energy, mention your questions in the comments below. We will request our team of electrical experts to answer them as soon as possible.

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Gold Coast Factories Are Going Green: A Case Study Of Solar Energy Adoption

The modern factory has come a long way since the days when the first steam engine was invented. The rise of technological advancements and increasing digitization is pushing factories towards a cleaner and more sustainable models.

This push is dictated not only because of general awareness about the dangers of Global Warming and Climate Change but also due to direct relation to lowered costs of running.

According to experts, we are now in the 4th Industrial Revolution stage. This stage is characterized by the usage of smart technological solutions, big data, robotic automation, and internet communications.

While the effect of the above has led to better production, it has also helped in lowering energy costs and boosting efficiency. In this article, we look at how the Gold Coast factories are using the newer processes to go ‘Green’.

The Rise of Smart Manufacturing: What does it mean and what are its effects?

First things first. Smart Manufacturing is different when compared to traditional models of manufacturing. According to experts, the following are some of the major features of smart manufacturing-

  • The Use of Big Data-

Modern industrial facilities are informed by big data. This means that everything from how the production process should be set up, to the reduction of operational costs (energy) can be defined by Big Data. This is helping in bringing down accidents on the factory floor, ensuring that the product quality is great, and also helping in the lower inputs in terms of resources like raw materials and electricity.

  • Transition to Solar Energy-

In the last few years, many Gold Coast factories have started the shift towards adopting solar energy. This means that they are investing in solar panels, energy storage solutions, and solar devices and appliances in the production process. Factories traditionally have a wide area when it comes to the roof section. Installation of solar panels, especially in a place like the Gold Coast, which sees a lot of natural light makes sense to bring down the electricity costs.

  • Smart Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT)-

The modern factory is an integrated and interconnected whole. If one of the processes goes wrong, smart sensors sense the same and shut down power to all the processes. Sensors also judge how much power a machine needs and optimizes the flow of energy accordingly. This combined with a smart power grid system allows for better channeling of electricity to the different units and machines that need them.

The above three points have defined what has now come to be known as the rise of smart manufacturing. They have helped impart greater flexibility, timely usage of power and energy, and improvements in overall productivity.

Why Sustainability has become one of the Goals of Smart Manufacturing?

While industries and factories do improve the living condition of people, they have also been blamed for dangerous emissions. These emissions have led to the depletion of our planet’s natural protective atmosphere and have contributed to rising temperatures in different parts of the world.

The recent Australian Bush Fires emergency is something that all of us are familiar with. Many of the world’s leading scientists and environmentalists have blamed Global Warming and Climate Change for all the loss that has recently happened.

Every business is now looking to do its bit to help the environment in the country of its origin. Gold Coast factories also realize that it is time that they should start adopting sustainable energy solutions in production.

There are three main components of sustainability as far as manufacturing facilities go. They are-

  1. Clean Energy Adoption and Use-

Solar, wind, and water continue to be the clean energy solutions that have become available for mainstream use. Of the three, solar energy, with all its innovation and cost-affordability has become the proven choice for factories on the Gold Coast and different parts of Australia. The number of credible companies that can help in clean energy solutions on the Gold Coast has risen drastically.

  1. Reduction and Disposal of Waste Responsibly-

There is no hiding from the fact that factories and industries do generate a lot of harmful waste. This waste is dangerous for the environment. It should not be allowed to flow into natural waterways for it can prove to be disastrous for marine animals and subsequent human use. Businesses need to ensure that they are responsibly disposing of the factory waste.

  1. Increased Efforts on Recycling-

In recent years, recycling has become a major watchword that has spawned a multi-billion-dollar industry by itself. Recycling is considered to be a responsible way to ensure that we do not create more waste to dispose of. Rather, we create processes that can help use the product and convert it into something new and useful by recycling. This is an important component of sustainability in industrial circles.

Why Traditional Manufacturing can no longer be a viable option?

There is no doubt that traditional manufacturing processes and techniques fail to meet environmental requirements. This is why most factory owners and businesses have been forced to move towards Greener alternatives.

This is also because any manufacturing requires resources. These resources can be natural resources as well. However, we know that there is a finite number of natural resources available on the planet. This includes energy generation and electricity outputs at thermal power plants that use and are dependent on fossil fuels like coal.

Traditional manufacturing can no longer be the solution since-

  1. It cannot promise that it will not do any harm to nature, the environment, or society.
  2. It is heavily dependent on natural resources and leads to the depletion of the same.
  3. There is a failure to adapt to newer and cleaner energy solutions for sustainability.
  4. Efficiency is compromised and the final productivity is not there.
  5. There is a release of toxic emissions that are harmful to the environment.

The Final Word

Many factories on the Gold Coast are now working with energy experts to help them make the transition from traditional manufacturing models to sustainable ones. One area where most are beginning with is solar energy. Simple changes like opting for solar panels, energy storage solutions and maintenance is helping the Gold Coast factories in multiple ways.

Not only are they saving in terms of electricity costs of thermal fuels, but are also enjoying the multiple tax benefits that have been put in place by the governments. They are also winning accolades with their consumers that are more aware of terms of green energy and want their businesses to continue using the same.

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The Future Of Energy Is Solar: Trends, Benefits, And Challenges

With the growing threat of climate change, many nations have started looking for a clean energy source. Out of all clean energy sources, solar energy has the most potential to meet the current demand. However, due to its expensive tools, businesses have always counted it out of the list.

However, things have changed over the last decade. With the technological evolution, new gadgets and tools have been introduced in the market to reduce the cost of solar energy. Hopefully, the price will keep declining in the new future as well.

Solar energy has its share of good and bad things. The good thing is that it is a sustainable alternative to non-renewable energy resources and has a low impact on the environment. The downside of solar energy is that you can generate solar energy only when the sun is up.

The Future Of Solar Energy Is Bright

Energy-efficient technology continues to grow and develop as the companies adjust to the growing need for cost-effective forms. One such form is solar energy technology.

Solar energy technology has become popular over the last decades. Today, many companies are adopting new solar energy methods to reduce their energy consumption and utility management costs.

Solar energy offers a sustainable way for companies to operate their organizational operations. Renewable energy is becoming more available and affordable for companies to access the benefits solar energy offers.

Solar Energy Trends

The future of solar energy is bright. With the integration of new technological innovation, the solar industry will help propel energy-efficient solutions for many businesses. The solar energy trends are yielding more insight into how the solar energy industry will catalyse the marketer with its energy-efficient solution.

1. Artificial Intelligence

One technological trend that you will find common in most industries is Artificial technology and Machine learning. With the integration of these two new technologies, businesses can now easily adapt to new needs and evolve among them.

2. Energy Blockchain

Blockchain technology is mostly associated with the Cryptocurrency market; the solar energy industry is implementing it in its technology. This allows an efficient means of buying and selling solar energy from each other.

3. Greater Accessibility

Evolving technologies are making it more feasible for developing countries to have a cost-effective energy resource. With the new technology integration in the solar energy industry, the energy supply system has revamped itself.

4. Increased In Popularity

Today more companies are turning towards renewable sources of energy over the traditional gas and oil energy sources. This recent change in companies approach is due to the result of environmentally conscious minds and the recent report released by a worldwide organization stating the important renewable source of energy.

Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is derived from the radiation of the sun. This radiation can be converted to electricity or heat. Here are a few benefits that you can reap with the adoption of solar energy sources.

1. Reduce Your Energy Bills

Shifting to renewable sources of energy means you will be using less from the utility suppliers. This will instantly help you recur your electricity bills. The perk of this method is that you make additional money by selling off the additional energy you have created.

2. Reduce Impact On The Environment

Solar energy has the latest impact on the environment compared to other traditional forms of energy sources. It doesn’t produce any harmful greenhouse gas and doesn’t pollute water.

It also requires less water to maintain, unlike nuclear power plants that consume 20 times more water compared to solar energy power plants. The best part of solar energy plants is that solar energy does not produce any sound.

3. Energy Production During Peak Hours

As we all know that the energy demands tend to be higher during the afternoon phase, or simply between 11:00 to 16:00. Naturally, this is the time when the price value of electricity peaks.

On the contrary, this is also when solar energy happens to reach its peak intensity and increases its production capacity.

4. Applicable Everywhere

As long as there is sunshine, solar energy can be deployed anywhere. This solar energy feature comes in quite handy when you live in a remote with no other form of energy sources.

Many people are deprived of electricity due to the end of the wired network. This can be used as an opportunity to set up a solar power plant and offer solar-powered energy.

Challenges Of Solar Powered Energy Solutions

Despite solar energy being an efficient alternative to the traditional form of energy sources, it has a few drawbacks that make it a daunting task.

1. Cost

This is where everything turns around. The initial cost of setting up a solar power plant is fairly high. The cost includes solar plants, solar cells, batteries, wiring, and installation.

Yes, solar technology is evolving every day, and we can hope to see a decreased price of the solar power plant. However, one thing stands true that today, installing a solar power plant is still an expensive activity.

2. Weather Dependency

Solar energy production is dependent on the weather. It can produce solar energy only when the sun is up. In addition to this, the solar power plant’s effectiveness decreases if the weather is cloudy or rainy. Hence, a few cloudy or rainy days can leave a noticeable effect on the solar energy system.

3. Uses A Lot Of Space

The more electricity you want, the more space you need. It is as simple as that. Solar PV panels require a lot of space to be installed, and you might find it hard to have enough space to install a solar panel that you would like to have.

The problem with this situation is that your rooftop might not have enough surface area to provide the needed power supply.


The climate emergency is upon us, and we need to act now. If not today, you might find that it is already too late by the time you decided to shift to solar energy sources. Renewable energy sources are considered to be the only clean alternative for traditional energy sources.

The solar energy industry is moving forward, but it is our responsibility that the solar market and regulation maintain the pace and enable the opportunity for a transition to a clean future.

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What To Do During A Power Outage

In order to understand what one must do during a power outage; we would like to begin this article by raising some common questions that most of us ask-

  • How long is the power outage going to last?
  • What food should I stock up on during the outage?
  • Will the Generator be able to help me for the entire length of the outage?
  • Should I leave the house and get help from somewhere?
  • What are some essentials that I need to help my family get through the power outage?

Whenever there is a power outage, we invariably end up asking ourselves the above-mentioned questions. If you have been following the news, the United States and especially the State of Texas is experiencing very bad weather leading to huge power outages.

With the authorities working around the clock to fix things, here are some important things you need to do during a power outage.

Creating an Emergency Kit for Power Outage Situations

The American Red Cross society has prepared a toolkit to help improve the preparedness levels of individuals and families for power outages. This holds true for almost all regions in the world that are likely to face power outages.

Let us now list down some of the important elements of the emergency kit for power outages-

  1. Drinking-Water-

Experts suggest that there should be one gallon of water available for each person for one single day. They also suggest that this amount should be at least for a period of two weeks. If things do not improve, you need an evacuation plan that should include three gallons of water.

  1. Non-Perishable Food Items-

Individuals and families should stock up on non-perishable food items that do not need pre-heating in a microwave or a gas stove. This means a two-week supply of packaged food that can easily be prepared, consumed, and disposed of in the house itself.

  1. Flash Lights and Batteries-

It is important that each member of the house has one flashlight for themselves. This will them be mobile whenever they need to use the washroom or other areas in the house. It is also important to stock up on the batteries for the flashlight so that you do not run out of them.

  1. Medical Supplies and First-Aid Kits-

If you are facing power outages because of weather conditions, it is best that you stock on medical supplies for everyday use. You do not want to be going out in the bad weather and just seeing closed shutters on medical stores. Preparing a first aid kit is also equally important.

  1. Copies of Official and Personal Documents-

It is important to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. This is because big power outages are caused by natural disasters. In some cases, the government prepares an evacuation plan. This is why you need to keep copies of all your personal and official documents readily available.

How to Handle Family Members including Children and the Elderly during a Power Outage?

When it comes to power outages, the kids and children are the ones that are most affected. The uncertainty, coupled with no lights and power starts making them feel scared. Parents and other elderly members of the house need to ensure that they are well looked after and all their needs are being met.

In order to ensure that this happens, experts have created certain guidelines to help individuals and families handle power outages better-

  • Adult members of the family should ensure that they are not arguing or fighting among themselves during the power outage.
  • As lighting is at a minimum, it is important to keep the elderly members of the family in a safe manner. Accompanying them to the washroom is a good idea.
  • It is important to keep telling children who are feeling scared or fearful that things will become better in some time. Telling them stories to distract them is also great.
  • Don’t allow children and elderly family members to go near generators or power points in the house. Power outages can result in drastic voltage fluctuation levels.
  • Playing games during the power outage and generally having light-hearted conversations can help in passing the time in a casual and happy manner.

The Bottom Line

It is important that adult family members in the house do not start showing signs of panic or fear. Doing the things mentioned in the article can ensure that you do not face a lot of issues or problems when it comes to power outages. These situations can be quite unbearable, to say the least. However, if you are well-prepared you will be easily able to sail through them safely with your family members.

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How To Choose The Right Light Bulbs

In the last few years, choosing the right light bulb has become quite a complicated and overwhelming affair. a standard watt-bulb is not going to cut it anymore. You need to check whether the light bulb matches the overall look and feel of the space it is lighting.

The needs and requirements change on whether you are choosing a light bulb for an office fixture or for your home. Even within these two spaces, you need to consider the kind of room you are going to place the bulb in.

In this article, we speak to leading lighting experts on this subject matter. Specifically, we ask them about the important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right light bulb.

List of 5 Things you need to consider when Choosing the Right Light Bulb

  1. LEDs are Better than normal Incandescent Bulbs-

If there is anything that has revolutionized the lighting industry, it is the advent of LEDs. Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are being preferred in different spaces from homes to offices because they carry several advantages over normal incandescent bulbs.

For example, LED bulbs are tested to last more than 25 times than normal filament-based incandescent bulbs. Secondly, LED bulbs also consume far less electrical energy than older bulbs. Yes, they are a little bit more expensive, but it helps save a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Space or Room should be taken into consideration-

Leading lighting experts that work with interior décor specialists say that when it comes to choosing a light bulb, space is an important factor. You need to ask yourself the following questions-

  • What are you going to do in the space you want to be illuminated by the light bulb?
  • The nature and different types of furniture in the space and how it will react to light?
  • The kind of sitting you have in the room- you do not want a light to be streamed directly into your face.

Once you have been able to answer the above questions, you will be in a much better position to choose the right light bulb.

  1. Try to understand Lighting Power from Lumens and not Watts-

Traditionally we have all been under the misconception that the ‘watts’ referred to on incandescent bulbs refers to their power/lighting output. However, that is not the case. The watts referred to on incandescent bulbs refer to the power consumption levels of that bulb.

Experts suggest looking at ‘Lumens’ a metric that suggests power and lighting output. A good LED emits anywhere between 450 to 2600 lumens. Checking the packaging is going to give you a good idea of the kind of lighting output you really need.

  1. Dimmable LED Lights are in vogue-

It might not be possible for you to purchase light bulbs for different purposes. This is why experts are of the opinion that dimmable LED lights should be installed. They help in satisfying a range of issues. If you want a bright light or a sim one, the same dimmable bulb can help.

Users need to be aware of the fact that not all LED bulbs come with a dimmable function. This is why it is important to check with the salesman or look at the packaging box. You do not want to buy something with the impression that is going to be dimmable when in fact, it is not.

  1. Lighting plays a major role in altering Sleep Patterns-

According to medical professionals, the kind of lighting in a room plays an integral role in determining sleep patterns. Medical professionals are of the opinion that good lighting helps in fixing your body’s biological clock better.

Your body needs signals to let it know when it is supposed to get up and when it is supposed to sleep. This is especially true for rooms that do not have a lot of natural sunlight coming in through the doors and windows in the morning.

Décor experts suggest that people should pay attention to the aesthetics of the light bulb if they want it to match the personality of their homes and offices. Thankfully, there are a lot of innovations that have come about recently, which make it possible to combine form and function in light bulbs.

The article was intended to help users choose the right light bulb for their needs and requirements. With so many different kinds of options in the market, selecting one that suits your interests can be a complex affair. if you wish to know more, drop in your questions in the comments below, and we will try our best to answer every one of them.

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Solar System For Your Home

Economic Benefits. Environmental Protection. Personal Reasons. Innovative Tech Adoption.

There can be any number of reasons why homeowners in different parts of the world are opting for solar energy. With scalable solar energy solutions that are affordable, there are a lot of options available to homeowners in recent years.

Whether it is the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia, there is a marked increase in the adoption of solar energy solutions. In this article, we look at the top 7 reasons why you as an individual should consider a solar system for your home.

List of the Top 7 Reasons why you should consider a Solar System for your Home

  1. Direct Impact on Lowering Electricity and Energy Bills-

If you are a homeowner looking to cut down on rising electricity costs, going solar might be the best option available to you. While it might seem like an expensive investment at one go, you stand to benefit a lot in terms of saving money in bills over the long run. You can easily use all the money that you have saved for spending on some other important areas.

  1. The Independence of not being Dependent for Power needs-

Most homeowners do not pay attention to the fact that generating your own electricity can be an incredibly liberating experience. Not being dependent on the power company for your energy means that your home will be energy sufficient. When all the homes in your neighborhood will suffer from power outages, your house will have power and electricity.

  1. Creating a Better and Sustainable Future for your Kids-

The electricity generated and powering homes in different parts of the world is thermal in nature. Meaning that it requires the burning of fossil fuels like coal to generate electricity. Studies have shown that thermal power plants release harmful gases into our atmosphere, Using solar energy can help in reducing their need and dependency and create a better future.

  1. Solar Energy Solutions are Affordable and Cost-Effective-

It is true that when solar energy solutions first emerged on the scene, they were considered impractical because of the high costs. However, in recent years, almost all solar energy solutions, including solar air conditioners are very affordable and cost-effective in nature. You do not have to break-the-bank to invest in one. This is promoting the use and installation.

  1. Improves the Market Valuation of the House-

As a homeowner, we always want our properties to rise in value. Most real estate is considered an investment for families. Market research has shown that homes that have solar energy solutions command a far higher market value in real estate than homes that do not. If you are looking to command a premium when you decide to sell, solar solutions will come in handy.

  1. No Special Permits or Licenses are required-

Many people are under the false impression that installing solar solutions requires some kind of a special permit from the government authorities. However, the same is not true. With solar power becoming so mainstream in recent years, all you need is to work with an expert solar energy solutions company to install the same in your household. No permits are required.

  1. Zero Maintenance and Long Life-

As compared to normal power and appliances that run on them, solar devices do not generally need a lot of service or maintenance. This can allow you to save more on your annual maintenance and servicing costs. Studies have also shown that solar devices tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional devices. This is another reason why homeowners love solar.

Community Responsibility and Helping Local Businesses

It needs to be pointed out that the solar industry can play a vital role in boosting job employment in local communities. Experts suggest that neighborhoods can play a great role in boosting local community-centric businesses and encourage them to grow by installing solar energy solutions.

Most point out that jobs in the solar energy sector cannot be outsourced and ends up benefitting the local economy and community far better than other kinds of jobs. At a time when the Coronavirus Pandemic has led to massive destruction in job levels and communities, helping one another can go a long way in creating better overall economic conditions for everyone.

The Bottom Line

Sustainable energy becomes critical ammunition if we are to fight the growing dangers of Global Warming and Climate Change. With the polar ice caps melting at an alarming rate, scientists predict that we have only a few more years ahead of us to reverse the damage or see our beautiful planet get irreversibly destroyed. Moving to solar energy solutions and making the same popular and mainstream can go a long way towards helping the cause.

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5 Things To Keep In Mind During Solar Panel Installation At Your Commercial Premises

Businesses all over the world are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that can help them bring down costs. They look at using technologies, re-jigging their supply chains, and improving employee efficiency to become a better business organization.

In the last few years, a pioneering new technology has become a critical way for businesses to-

  • Lower their operations costs
  • Adopt newer technological solutions
  • Create the foundations of a Greener Company
  • Educate employees about the need for sustenance

Solar energy has helped many businesses and commercial premises avail of the above-mentioned benefits. In this article, we point out five things to keep in mind during solar panel installation at your commercial premises.

List of 5 Things to keep in mind during Solar Panel Installation at your Commercial Premises

  1. Experience of the Company Installing the Solar Panels-

The first and most important thing you need to consider is the level of experience of the company installing the solar panels. You also need to ensure that the company is certified by the local authorities. Checking for experience matters as solar technology and its related fields- panels, energy storage, etc. are complicated mechanisms that need expert installation.

  1. Checking for Tax Breaks and Benefits from Local Government Authorities-

In different parts of the world, governments are incentivizing businesses that are turning green. There are various policies and proposals in place that can help you get a substantial tax break on your business operations. You can always check with the government authorities and create the requisite paperwork to file for tax benefits in your city and state.

  1. The Quality of the Panels and the kind of Warranty it offers-

When opting for a panel, it is important to take into consideration the kind of panels you are going for. There are multiple variants that are available in the market today. Depending on your budget you can choose from the very expensive to the affordable. However, bear in mind that going for the cheapest option available is not such a good idea.

  1. Check for the Location of the Region where your Office is-

If you are located in a region that receives uninterrupted sunlight for multiple months in a year, then solar energy is a great option for your business. However, if you just see sunlight and warm temperatures for two or three months in a year, you might have to rethink your decision of installing solar panels. Geography matters a lot when installing solar energy solutions.

  1. Pay attention to the Mounting System for the Panels-

If your office is located in a region that sees a lot of hurricanes and storms, you might want to pay attention to the mounting system for the panels. You do not want the solar panels to come undone every time there is a storm or strong winds. Good mounting systems hold the panels in place and prevent them from getting uprooted during rough weather conditions.

Advantages of Installing Solar Panels for Commercial Premises

In this section, we are going to list down some key advantages of installing solar panels on commercial premises-

  • The first and most obvious advantage is lower energy costs. While the one-time investment cost might seem a bit on the higher side, opting for solar helps bring down long-term costs considerably. For businesses, it means lower operating costs.
  • Being a Green Business and doing your bit for the environment can help in positive marketing for the company. Everyone, from vendors to your end-customers wants to be associated with businesses that are clean and eco-friendly.
  • In terms of maintenance costs, servicing charges, and other additional expenditures, solar energy is much more cost-effective than traditional models. This means that here too, you will be saving heavily on your energy costs and requirements.
  • Commercial premises that have installed solar energy solutions have a higher market value than other properties that do not have them. As a business, you would want the valuation of your property to be on the higher side and solar energy solutions help.
  • Every business wants to be at the forefront of adopting newer technological models. This is where solar energy and its adoption can play a major role in giving the impression of your business as a tech-savvy one. This can boost publicity and marketing.

Final thoughts

In the last few years, solar panels, energy solutions, and appliances are gaining traction. In fact, in developed countries, this trend has now become much more mainstream. As awareness on issues of Global Warming and Climate Change grows, consumers would want to be associated and buy from companies that are responsible and believe in sustainable solutions. 

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