Tossing away resources is not recommended even for limitless and free energy like solar. Each and every minute, we squander an hour’s worth of solar energy. 

Though it is not anyone’s fault that we cannot optimize all solar energy, it’s still unfortunate. The pollution problem has plagued the world for many decades, and researchers and engineers have been trying to combat it. 

Solar Panel is being used due to their efforts to use part of the solar energy today. However, that’s not the problem. 

While solar panels aren’t currently being used fully, they may be in the future. Solar panels lose almost half of the energy they absorb by supplying power.

Engineers are researching ways to use solar energy in the most efficient manner possible. At least until then, we have to preserve as much as we can. However, we can make the solar panels run more efficiently ourselves. Let’s explore how you may make the most of the solar panel efficiency by doing your bit.

Panel Orientation

The most essential factor when we discuss solar panel efficiency is the position of the panel. It should be placed so that it receives sunlight that is coming straight from the sun. 

If the panel is mounted on your home’s southern or western wall, it should face south or west. In any event, the position that will generate the most power from your solar panels is when the surface is perpendicular to the sun’s rays. 

To help you choose the most efficient location for your solar panels, our solar energy specialist and subsequently the solar installer will advise and discuss with you.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Solar Panel

Solar panels don’t need much or any maintenance. We are saying that it will not cost much to keep the technical maintenance of the solar panels in good condition. 

For long-term optimum efficiency, you must keep the solar panels maintained. Regularly cleaning the panels is all that is required of you.

According to a study, dust, grains, and pollen accumulate on solar panels, reducing 20% of their performance. 

In addition, the humidity in the environment further exacerbates the problem. When water and moisture are present, the panels get filthy and sticky. Make sure the Certified Installer is available to clean your panels if necessary.

Technology and Material Used

As we mentioned at the start, engineers are always attempting to develop methods to improve the efficiency of solar panels. Recently, they just reported the achievement of a ‘single exciton fission method’ experiment. 

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. As per the solar panel standard method, an electron is released that kicks the energy production process when solar cells are struck. 

This process, however, is modified by the singlet exciton fission method. With this scenario, solar cells would emit two electrons from a single photon when covered in pentacene. 

This would lead to greater energy conversion and, therefore, less solar energy. In short, this would utilize more sunlight and therefore improve the efficiency of the solar panel.

Final Thoughts

Solar energy is a relatively new power production source. Much more to be uncovered. 

Until then, you know what to do to optimize the efficiency of your solar panel. Would you want to know more about solar panel efficiency or how your solar panel is ideal for you? Call 0449 973 711 today, and talk to our expert.