Solar power has several benefits as compared to conventional power. Again, it’s more cost-effective and also accessible. Installing solar panels on your home can reduce your electricity bill, and it’s also a step towards renewable energy. So, are you going to install solar panels in your home?

If you are thinking of installing solar panels on your home, you need to hire solar contractors. But you need to find the right solar company for installation. For that, you should ask some important questions to the solar contractor.

Apart from these questions mentioned in this article, you should compare different factors such as experience, pricing, quality of service, client testimonials before finalizing a solar panel contractor.

Questions to Ask Your Solar Installation Company

After you decide to install solar panels on your home, you need to ask the following questions to the solar power installation contractor before hiring them. Here are the questions you should ask your solar installation company.

1.    Which Types of Solar Panels Are Installed on Your Roof?

This question will help you whether the solar contractor is credible or just providing services to others. If they don’t have solar systems at their homes or offices, they don’t have credible resources to install on your home.

A trustworthy solar contractor should take the benefits of a solar system before they serve others. If the solar panel company says they don’t have solar panels installed on their homes, don’t hire that solar installer contractor. Look for a solar installation company that has solar panels at their home or business.

2.    Do You Have a Solar Installer License?

Before you hire a solar installation company, it’s crucial to ask whether the contractor has a workmanship license from the state or city.  Additionally, the contractor needs to have insurance. Having insurance covers the loss due to any future damage or issue.

Apart from that, ask who will be working on your home? Is it the contractor itself who will work on your home, or will there be subcontractors? If a subcontractor works, you need to ensure that the subcontractor also has a workmanship license. Again, you should also figure out how many years they have been working in the solar industry.

3.    How Many Years of Experience Do You Have in the Solar Industry?

It’s not enough to ask about the license and insurance only. Also, you need to figure out how many years of experience the contractors and subcontractors have in the solar industry. Since some solar installation companies have subcontractors, it’s important to ask about their experience too.

Don’t just ask about experience in the solar industry. Ask whether they have worked on homes like yours? A person with experience in installing solar panels for a similar client is a great advantage. The installer with prior experience can quickly and confidently install it on your home with more precision and accuracy.

4.    What If I Decide to Relocate?

Another important question you need to ask is what will happen to the solar system if you want to relocate after a few years. Generally, you can transfer the lease of solar panels, but you need to confirm it before you hire them. Asking about this will help you decide whether you should hire this solar installer or you need to look for a new one.

If the solar contractor agrees to transfer when you relocate, you should also ask if there is any fee. If you don’t ask about it beforehand, you will have to pay high installation fees if there is no privilege to relocate your solar system. There are portable solar panels which is a great option for relocation.

5.    What Size and Type of Solar Panels Are Best For My Home?

When you want to hire a solar panel installation company, it will ask you the size of your roof and what your power requirements are. Well, you should have an idea about your roof area to answer this. However, the solar contractors should show a willingness to inspect your roof and understand your power requirements.

Once the solar installer inspects your roof and your requirements,  it’s important to ask what size of solar panels are suitable for you. The solar contractors will analyse different factors of your home, such as the orientation, size, and angle of your roof.

6.    How Are Service Warranties of Solar Panels Handled?

Solar panels have production quality warranties. You need to consider one important aspect: the quality warranty is not the same as the service warranty. That means if the product gets damaged, that will be covered under the quality warranty. But the contractor has a different warranty period for any services.

Hence, it’s crucial to know about both of these warranties before you finalize them. Remember, you should do periodic maintenance every five years to maximize the efficiency of the solar panels. So, you should be clear about the warranties and service periods from the solar installer beforehand. 

7.    What Will be the Total Cost of Installing the Solar System?

There are several costs associated with solar system installation. You need to spend on buying the solar panels and pay for installation. Based on the quality of solar panels and your power requirements, estimating the total cost of your solar system installation may be a challenging task.

If you are finding it difficult, don’t hesitate to consult a solar panel expert who has the right knowledge of solar systems. The average cost of a solar system can range from  $15K to $25K. You should also consider if there is any financing option available from the solar panel installation company.

Final Words

These are the questions you need to ask the solar panel installation company before you hire them. It will give you an idea of what is the best fit for you. Don’t just talk to a single solar installer, do online research and find the best solar installers in your area. Lastly, don’t forget to consider customer reviews before you hire them.